Mariage of tradition and modern design


Papeterie/ letterpress printing studio based in Sendagi, Tokyo and HIGHTIDE launched this new brand in October 2009. We named it PH with the initials of the companies. There you'd see a kind of chemistry of traditional techniques and modern sensitivity that comes out from the specialties that each of us has.

Notebooks and Memo Pads
These two appeared as the first products. PAPIER LABO designed the letterpress printed covers while trying to keep the quality of HIGHTIDE paper products. Thread binding makes a notebook durable and flat-open. On the cover is the typical touch of letterpress printing in slightly faded color. The cover itself is made of American interlining paper that gets hardly torn. Pages are moderately thick paper called Gaō that is smooth to write on and friendly with any writing materials so ink won't easily bleed through. The round silhouette gives a mellow atmosphere and it's good to choose one you prefer of course, so is the right one for the purpose that it would be dedicated for.
Letterpress Prinring
It's a classic and traditional printing technique using types set in a bed. How it works is as simple as a stamp; provide ink on the face of types and apply pressure on paper.