Stationary brand which produced with shop 「PAPIER LABO」 handling products about paper


Stationery maker "HIGHTIDE" and paper and letterpress printing studio in Tokyo "PAPIER LABO", started a new stationery brand "PH" in October, 2009. We picked up the initial of two companies and named "PH". Enjoy a "chemical reaction" of a historical technique based on a contemporary ideas, showing of each other's specialties.

About Notebook
Notebooks and memo pads were completed as the first product. The quality of the inside notebooks were kept the same as HIGHTIDE one, PAPIER LABO was in charge of letterpress printing and the design of the cover. For bookbinding, we selected thread sewing to make notebooks strong and easy to open. Possible to enjoy taste of the cover with slight "rubbing" and "dent", cover material including heart paper made in U.S.A. to avoid being torn easily. Enjoy inside paper material called "GAOU" which is thick paper matching to any pens, causing writing smoothly. Designed tender shape with the round corners for each page, it might better to use each color notebook for each your purpose.
About Letterpress
Letterpress, the traditional method for printing by mold of assembling letter. The highest parts of letterpress is the parts to print like the same principle as stamp and printmaking. Very simple printing method with attaching ink and pressing paper to transfer.