2021.10.08 Fri

自由に見出しが作れるインデックス付箋 / Make your own index


Make your own index as you want. Sticky Tab can be reattached to another page and it’s detachable. In case where you are engaged in a long-term project and carry over some to-dos to the following week, you don’t need to write them again on your diary, which helps using diary even more freely.


We have two options: to-do and dot grid. Each SKU has 20sheets of each, 60sheets included in total.


To-do has pink and yellow colorways, and dot grid has blue and green, Choose your best one(s) depending on the purpose.


Three different sheets prevent themselves to be overlapped. It helps grasping the progress of a project.


To-do list can be a shopping list as well.


You can use dot grid even more freely such as drawing a graph oor picture. Another good point of dot grid is that you can use this sticker vertically and horizontally as in the photo.