2020.12.01 Tue

ワークスペースに気の利いたデザインを / Good design for good workspace


Operating Mat is a collaborative work with a Japanese maker of outstanding skills and techniques in the field. The five-layer structure of the mat makes itself durable and hard to warp. It’s indeed efficient as a cutting mat, but also smart to make it work as a mouse pad.

On the upper face are the guidelines so you can draw a plan on it as they tell length and angle.

It seems nice to have a mouse pad for home office, as some of you should work in the place where you eat!

The two faces are made of non-slip and self-healing soft PVC that makes cutting smooth and hassle-free.

The three options are all solid and easy colors on the eyes. Though cutting mats are thought to be used at school or office, this penco edition should belong to your room as well.

Choose the just right one(s) for your place from A5 and A4 options.