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2021.10.15 Fri

暮らしに馴染むウッドトレイ / Somewhere, there is Wooden Tray


In plain but elegant outline, Wooden Tray from fur. collection gives warm feeling and will look naturally belonged to any kinds of home décor.


We have oak and Coromandel ebony as colorways and you will find their own particular grain in each unit. We hope you will spend calm time with their uniqueness for long period, because it gets aged beautifully thanks to the oil finishing.


It shows the unique beauty of the material very well.


The side line makes the product distinctive. Circle and Oval trays are carved from a single wooden plate.


fur. logo ono the bottom face.




Oak wood(左)
広葉樹の木材であるオークは別名ナラ材とも呼ばれます。 耐久性が高く、美しい木目が特徴です。 家具や雑貨から赤ちゃん用のおもちゃまで、多くの木製品に使用されています。 私たちの生活に馴染み深い木材の1種です。

Left: oak
A sort of hardwood as known as Quercus, and it’s durable and it also has beautiful clean grain. The material is often used for many kinds of wooden products such as furniture, miscellaneous goods and baby toys. This is one of the most familiar wood in our daily life.

Coromandel Ebony(右)
ボンベイコクタンは、インド一帯からスリランカに自生している硬くて乾燥した樹皮の木です。 夏には甘くて黄色い卵型の果実をつけ、薬や食用の甘味に使用されます。 古い樹皮の剥落跡は灰色斑紋、心材では黒色から褐色の縞がでることがあります。 インドでは家具、杖、額縁、彫刻などざまざまな工芸品に使用されています。

Right: Coromandel ebony
It grows naturally from all over India to Srilanka, known for its hard and dry bark,. In summer it bears yellow sweet fruits like egg that is often used for medicin or sweetener. After old bark peels off, it sometimes shows gray spots, or blackish brown on the core. It’s often used for craft products such as furniture, stick, art frame or sculpture in India.


Circle is perfect for knick knack such as accessories.


Circle L will be a nice home for something a bit larger. You might put masking teapes or clips on the desk, and coins or keys at the entrance.


Oval; stationery of course, even suitable for glasses or watches. It would fit in a small room under a computer monitor.


They should be a lovely gift idea because all come in beautiful envelope boxes.


The natural materials have their own colors, which we hope you to enjoy.

db068 / db069 / db070
ウッドトレイ - サークル・サークルL・オーバル / Wooden Tray Circle・Circle L・Oval