2019.10.01 Tue

小さな箱が好き!集めてカワイイPVCの収納ケース / We love tiny boxes! Mini PVC storage box


SS size of Storage Container is newly in the collection! This is perfect for small stuff on the desk and first aid kit. Colorful pop square with the iconic label will raise you up.


You will remark how compact it is! In the picture, we used it to store shoe care kit. It’s nice to use several colors to classify all your knick-knacks.

ひとつだけ注意点があります。ストレージコンテナ SSは、通常版とは異なり入れ子のセットではありません。単品ですのでお間違えのないように。

Please note that SS size is not a set of 4 boxes.

It’s useful to keep small gadgets like USB, memory cards or cables, in other words anything that seems hard to find the right space to store.

You can keep several boxes in a drawer thanks to its compact size.

There is no rule to limit how to use it. Just let it help to tidy up your life!

The pop color variation is very enjoyable. They look so nice with each other, though we just stacked them in rondom!

The new face is clear option. Being half-transparent helps not only to see through the contents but also to match with any style of interior.