2019.10.01 Tue

重ねて並べて、運べる収納グッズ / Stackable and portable storage


Pile Up Caddy is here for you to classify all the knick-knacks on your desk. Handles make it not only portable but also stackable. You can even make a small instant shelf. It’s a competent consultant to tidy up your stationery and tools!


Penco storages come in same material and color variation, which makes easier to combine several types with a sense of unity. As daily storage in your room or to keep DIY tools- we hope this can be an effective storage solution for you.

We discribe this simply as general organizer with handles. You can carry it with little motion.

Its wide outlet works well to use dead space effectively, for example to classify receipts near cashier at store. This can also work well beside laptop on the desk or in half space in a shelf.

If you already have several, you can stack them up like in the picture above. When you set them next to each other, the instant shelf becomes more stable. You can a rule for each color about contents, or just choose a single color to give a sense of unity.


Here are as many as 9 color options so you can find your favorite color to keep in your room.


Penco Storages have wide variation. Enjoy tidying up your space with penco’s storage solutions.