2020.2.04 Tue

すっきり片付く、わたしのお道具箱 / Tidy up with Your Tool Box


Retro-pop tool box insisting that it’s “my tool box”, will help organize your desk and drawers. Plastic body gives a nostalgic feeling. It’s very useful to store postcards, photos, business cards, office supplies, and so on. It’s not only for kids but also adults as the size is also just the right for small tools and a sewing kit as well. It would be also nice to make a stationery gift box with it for a new student.

Mini is perfect to store business cards. It also works well for small stuff such as snacks, accessories and medicines.

Small telling “postcard size” is very easy to use because of its moderate size. You can store your favorite masking tapes or stamps.

B5 is large enough to store a pencase, notebooks and even small pouches.

S (post card) size in B5.

Please don’t miss this small foot on its back, the embossed “Good qualiy” logo as well!