2019.10.03 Thu

荷物を小分けにしてスッキリ収納 / Dependable organizer for any kind of travel


Stuff Bag is made of high density Cordula nylon. The idea is originally from trekking equipment and reproduced into more simple way so it can be used even for daily purpose, such as travel.


It protects contents from rain because of the waterproof fabric and the seams coated with PU. It helps not only for dry clothes and towels but also wet swimsuit. At campgrounds, you could make an instant pillow with towels or air. It can be attached to another bag with buckles.

Another way to use buckles; fold the body from the top end and put the buckles together to make a handle.

With the buckled handle, there will be even wider range of use, such as week-end trip or diaper bag.
When you use for thick clothes like down coat, fold the bag from the bottom end to deflate as much as possible.