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デイリーユースの持ち運びを最適に / Optimize daily carrying

タンニン鞣し革とロウ引きの10号帆布を組み合わせたフラットポーチです。S/M/Lの3サイズ展開で、Sサイズには通帳、MサイズはiPad、Lサイズならノートパソコンと、それぞれのための最適なサイズ感に仕立てています。熟練した職人が一つ一つ丁寧に作り上げた、Made in Japanならではのしっかりとした作りも魅力です。革も帆布も、どちらも使い込むほど馴染む素材で育てる楽しさも味わえます。

Flat pouch made of tanned leather and 13oz waxed canvas. We have three sizes with optimal use for each; S for passbooks, M for a tabet and L for a laptop. Skilled craftsmen make one by one with a great care so it has certainly made-in-Japan quality. Both of the durable materials get aged beautifully as well.
Sサイズはペンやポケットサイズのノート(FIELD NOTESなど)、また通帳や印鑑などを一緒に持ち運べるサイズ感です。その他にもカバンの中の小物整理にもお使いいただけます。

S is good for pens, pocket notebooks like FIELD NOTES and bankbooks. It works really well as a general organizer for your main bag.

M is perfect for iPads, maximum 10.5″. You can also make your own “meeting set” with a notebook (maximum B5, 182×257mm) and pens in it.
Lサイズは13インチまでのノートパソコンを持ち運べるサイズ感です。(mac book 推奨) A4の書類もクリアファイルのまま入るのでオフィス外での打ち合わせや、ポータブルワークにもぴったりです。

A 13″ laptop fits in L (mac book reommended). So do A4 documents and it works well when you need to carry them out of your workplace or work from home.

Leather of its flap is vegetable tanned by hands of craftsmen. Tanning and cutting of it are neat and elegant works, which let you to enjoy growing it over time.

Sulfur died canvas has a distincitive texture with random fades. The fabric is also paraffin coated, which makes it much more durable and water repellent. It will become as beautiful as dead leaves with long-term use.

They come in this minimal box which could be an envelope to store important documents, It might be needless to say, it’s also nice to gift.

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フラットポーチ S・M・L / Flat Pouch S・M・L