2020.10.20 Tue

お持ち帰りのマイバッグにちょうどいい機能性 / Just right eco-bag


It will work well not only as a shopping bag but also as a sub-bag during travel. You can store a smartphone and a wallet in the front mesh pocket so you don’t need to have another bag for them to go nearby supermarket.


It is very unisex because of its simple design and many color options. You will find it just right for everyday use in a new sustainable lifestyle.

You can store something that you want to keep away from food or that you want to keep dry, such as a wallet and a smartphone.
The pocket is nice also because you can see vaguely the conents.

The outlet can be bucled, which makes it comfortable to hold on the shoulder.It contains 6 bottles of 2L.

It becomes so compact when it’s rolled. It doesn’t need another bag to be stored.

Here is how to make it compact- it’s so easy!


S for one-mile walk

Smaller size is newly in the collection. With its depth wide enough to steady a bento box, it works well as a compact shopping bag for a convenience store. Enjoy choosing yours from nähe color pallet!