2021.1.05 Tue

お気に入りをまとめる私のオシャレセット / For your grooming set


New Retro’s Multi-Purpose Pouch has a large storage but is light-weight as it’s made of nylon. Mask is a perfect fit in it, and it can be an efficient organizer of COVID disinfection kit. It also works well as a cosmetic pouch or a travel organizer. You might want to make it a bank organizer as A6 notebook can be stored in it. It will definitely fun to make your own grooming set as the Japanese phrase “oshare-set” says on its body, but of course, enjoy finding your own use because it’s versatile.

Four retro-pop colored options come with iconic hatobue (dove shaped whistle.)

Our grooming set is ready with a hand towel and a compact mirror.

Pen pouch use is also lovely.

Its wide depth helps to store small valuables such as bankbook and a card. Any other ideas?