2021.3.19 Fri

普段づかいもアウトドアにも持ち出せる保冷バッグ / Go out with Cooler Cargo


Our new Cooler Cargo Bag fits in wide range of use in daily life because of its calm earth color and simple design.


We have three options of size for different purposes. It will definitely work well for camping but also helpful for daily use. In the picture above is size L, contains 9 x 2l bottles inside. Also it’s the only option with adjustable handles.

Size S is ideal for a bento box, storage capacity as large as 6 x 350ml bottles.

Size M might be the most versatile and useful for daily shopping. It can store 12 x 500ml bottles inside.

It’s thermal insulated but preferably with ice packs to keep cool.
S/M/Lの3サイズ × ブラック/ベージュ/カーキの3色の展開です。

We have three options in size and color; S, M, L and Black, Beige, Khaki.