2021.11.04 Thu

移動時も便利なハンドル付き薄型PCケース / Laptop case slime and easy to carry


Our new Soft PC Case from nähe is much comfortable to carry around. It’s minimal and unisex, also very slim. S is for 13-14″ laptops and tablets and L for up to 16″. In addition, it will work well for documents storage and will fit in a bigger tote or back pack. Use this versatile carrying as you like!


We have S and L in the size range. In case of laptop and tablet, S is up to 14″ and L for 16″.

写真はSサイズに13インチのMacBook Airを収納しています。

In the above picture is 13″ MacBook Air in size S.


User-friendly zipper with a ring.


We have bright colorways as well. Choose your favorite or one(s) that goes well with your outfits.