2019.12.05 Thu

定番のストレージコンテナーがペンケースになりました / New pencase from the iconic storage collection


it’s nice to use it everyday because it has a large storage for its size, of course penco stationery fits perfectly inside. You can also use it as a slim organizer in a desk drawer. This helps keeping a desk in order, and works even better with other items from penco storage collection. The material is durable and light plastic, which doesn’t make you hesitate to use it everyday.

It looks pop and fun with penco writing materials. You can customize with your favorite stickers.

Clear option is half-transparent so you can easily recognize what is stored.

The pebble-textured body is stain and scratch resistant, which is perfect for everyday use.

Tidying up with three types of penco storage, Play with colors as you like!

Its minimal structure enables to look through and pick up contents, which can be a storage box for small stuff on the go that you need to keep at hand.

It comes in all the penco colors. The Storages have much wider range of color option than other items from the brand, so you will want to have several rather than choosing only one!