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2020.6.11 Thu

書く時間を贅沢にする、これまでにない特別感 / Luxurious experience of writing

活字でグリッド罫線を組版して、1枚1枚をすべて印刷・手作業で仕上げたレタープレスメモパッド。表紙には80年代のマーブルペーパーのデザインを採用。本文用紙は、インクの吸水性に優れ、裏写りせず、なめらかな書き心地に定評のある高級筆記専用紙「OK フルース」です。気の遠くなるような大変手間のかかる手法で作られたメモパッド。活版印刷ならではの味わいをお楽しみください。

The first paper product from attaché is fully hand-made with great attention. The cover design comes from vintage marble paper of 1880s German. The pages are premium paper especially made for writing called “OK Fools.” It’s carefully made in a way taking enormous time and effort. Feel the touch of letterpress printing.

We have two options in color and size, Green/ Blue and A6/ A5.
本文用紙には、インクの吸水性に優れ、裏写りせず、なめらかな書き心地の高級筆記専用紙の「OK フルース」を使用しています。万年筆をはじめボールペン・鉛筆・筆ペンなどの筆記具と相性がよく、質感や風合い、書き味に優れた紙です。紙を透かすと見える、抄きこまれたレイド模様とウォーターマークが特徴です。

For the pages, we selected sophisticated “OK Fools” paper, known for its great absorbability of ink and smoothness. It’s fountain pen friendly, let alone other types of pen and pencils. Watermark and raid pattern are the proof of its premium quality.

It matches perfectly with Marbled Fountain Pen from the brand.

Letterpress Printing
It’s a technique to print in the manner of stamp using a frame where lead alloy types are set. For the gridlined pages, blank types are set one by one between thin plates on the printing frame, and an antique man-powered printing machine manufactured in 1870s (early Meiji era) in Japan are used. Fine adjustment is repeated until the very last process by the hands of the craftsman. This leaves charecteristic texture and warm atmosphere on the paper with uneven touch and print, which makes the product even more fascinating.


Yoshiyuki Yamada – Bunrindo
After taking over his father’s printing studio in 1972 in Fukuoka, he has been the only craftsman in Bunrindo, which is tiny but historical. He has also been actively engaged in hundreds of work shops and lectures to spread attraction of letterpress printing.

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アタシェ レタープレスメモパッド A6・A5 / attache Letterpress Printed Memo Pad A6・A5