"fur" means "for" in German.

A brand that commits to craftsmanship
while valuing the themes of each season and
the storiesthat the materials themselves possess.

The current theme is "something for carrying".
A simple design that can be used casually or
for business.
Made in Japan with waxed canvas and
domestically-produced leather that grows in f lavor
as it is used,this case is an item that brings
pleasure in nurturing it.



    It is an excellent leather made with plant tannin and its specialty is a cowhide undercoating.
    The craftsman hnd-dyes each leather piece by piece, adding dye and wax to add depth to the color.For its finishing, wax is melted using a high heat industrial iron to produce a unique and glossy surface.
    It is a material that will age throughout the years and bring about joy.


    The thick, domestically produced No. 10 canvas is treated with paraffin.
    This canvas is used in the making of truck sails and karate garments, and gives a durable impression to the touch.
    The paraffin is treated to ensure that it is not easily dirtied and is water repellent*. *water resistant
    Please enjoy using this leather as it softens over time with use.


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