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Nao Washi Greeting Card Set - attaché


机上で生まれる豊かな時間を提案する「 attaché(アタシェ)」シリーズから名尾和紙で製作したペーパーアイテムが登場しました。

Respect for heritage local creation: Nao Washi Greeting Card Set from attaché, one of our latest brands proposing fulfilling moment on the desk.


Greeting Card Set of hand-crafted paper made in a small mountain village Nao, Saga Prefecture. On the folded card where even the fountain pen ink hardly bleeds, is a watermarked frame which is a typical decoration for washi products. The envelope is made of paper upcycled with scraps of memopads from attaché collection. This paper-making method called Kankonshi, 'revived paper' in Japanese, is realized by the fact that the fiber of paper mulberry, the main material of washi, is long enough to be interwined and perfect to hold the scraps. Feel the touch of Japanese traditional craftsmanship.


Nao Washi
Nao Tesuki Washi, the last atelier in the district where paper has been made since more than 300 years ago, performs every step of production process by themselves from growing material trees. Hizen Nao Washi manufactured in the area was designated as Important Intangible Cultural Property of Saga Prefecture.


  • Growing material trees called paper mulberry.

  • Boil trees in a caldron to bark.

  • Soak the barked trees in water to soften.

  • Expose the trees to the sunlight and ground water, then stir fibers.

  • Mucilage made from aibika.

  • Mixing the mucilage and tree fibers.

  • Put paper on dryers.

  • Ready for cutting when dried.

*Due to the handmade nature of the product, small variations in size and color may occur.
*The package contains a small piece of washi paper that you could use for test-writing of your own pens.

商品 Nao Washi Greeting Card Set - attaché 680yen